Quarantined | Awards and Reviews

Quarantined competed in the International Independent Short Film Awards in Los Angeles, July of 2020 and was a Finalist in the festival. The pilot episode was submitted as a short comedy in the festival, led by character actor Joel "El Nino" Roman and directed by Terrence Sharrock. The pilot was also made available for purchase or rental on the latenight streaming network Lateflix.com , gathering more support from audiences who have expressed their joy watching the show. Here are some audience comments:

Quarantined wide.jpg

"Good entertainment Loka, Miguelito I mean Joel! Thank you for sharing your talent hilarious funny. "

"Good work great range of characters. Definitely enjoyed it!"

"Very funny! Amazing talented and beautiful guy all around"

"Soo funny and enriching, great production."

"Joel is very talented and funny!

He keeps you engaged and entertained throughout.  I truly enjoyed watching Quarantined!!"